Scalp Micropigmentation A safe, effective solution to hair loss. It's Easy to maintain, costs a fraction of what a transplant would cost, and has almost zero downtime. What's not to love?

It is a tattoo, bottom line.
Don’t let others tell you its some magical treatment they invented, because its not, it’s simply a tattoo that uses pointilism (aka dots) technique to create the image of hair follicles. In fact, it hurts much less than a traditional tattoo. I would relate the feeling to a toothpick tapping your scalp. So please breathe easy, there is no need to feel overwhelmed by the feeling that this might be some sort of heavy duty medical procedure, it’s not.

2 session procedure, 1 day transformation
The first session will last about 3-5 hours. We work on the back of your head and sides first. We will draw in the hairline so you will be able to sit with it for a while to allow time for you to determine the exact placement you are comfortable with. During this time we will finish up the top part of your scalp. Once you are 100% sure on the placement of the hairline, we will put those impressions in and touch up the final areas on your head.

Don’t worry-– we can take breaks whenever you need to. There will also be music and Netflix for your entertainment during the session.

Follicle Fill Desktop Tattoo Hair Scalp Micropigmentation

The second session is much faster (1-3 hours) and really is more of a touch-up. During this time, we fill in any areas that might have had some fallout and add density throughout. This session is the “Sweet Spot” in the process–when the maximum effects of the procedure can be observed. This session will be scheduled 10-14 days after your first procedure, allowing enough time for your scalp to heal.

Do I need more sessions? That really depends on what your goal is. Some people want a very natural faded, soft look, others want very dense placement with hard hairlines. A 3rd session is common to get that little extra density in there, but if you get to many sessions, that can start looking a little “painted on”. 

Is it painful? There will be some discomfort in certain areas, but we are known for getting many clients to fall asleep through a good portion of the procedure. Again, I relate it to a toothpick tapping your scalp.

Certified Blood Born Pathogen and Licensed Tattoo artist. Vegan Friendly inks and pigments.


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“It’s like Christmas everyday! I can’t believe I have hair again, I’m just happy.”

Hunter G.



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