Folllicle Fill prides itself in creating a believable, natural looking hair tattoo.
We create new shaved head look for those tired of their hair loss. A non-invasive procedure that is safe, easy and looks amazing.

Complete Follicle Fill
Get back to where you once belong. Lets help you achieve a natural looking solution for your hair loss. A 100% effective, easy to maintain.

Density Touch-Up
Let us add density to thinning hair areas to help give the look of thicker hair. Great for those not ready to completely shave their hair.

Follicle Repair
Do you have scars from hair  transplants or graphs? Talk to us and see what we can do to blend those areas with the rest of your hair.

Hair tattoos exist, and most likely you have already seen it!

Thousands of men and women from all over the world have been discovering and benefitting from advantages of hair tattoos. Hollywood elite, sports figures, and high profile businessmen have been fooling peoples eyes and living more confidently with their new look for years. The procedure has been featured on big name morning shows, radio shows and a multitude of online hubs like Buzzfeed and Mashable. The industry is growing quickly with many great up and coming artists around the planet.

We here at Follicle Fill pride ourselves in creating a believable, natural looking hair tattoo. We create new hairlines for those tired of their hair loss. A non-invasive procedure that leaves you with a clean shaved head look.

We took it a little further and have a specific technique that guarantees a much more natural shaved head look. We treat this as a piece of artwork, that needs an artists attention to detail. With over 8 years of tattoo experience and 2 years of SMP, under our belt, we have seen it all. Be confident knowing you’re in good hands, that is why people choose Follicle Fill.



“Follicle Fill knocked it out of the park! No one can tell, best desicion i could have made.”